Just a quick update on one of my favorite coin.  For anyone that has reader that have followed this blog will know that I am a big fan of Litecoin (LTC).  Back in May 2017 I wrote an article titled Litecoin An Overlooked Alt Coin” recommending a buy @ $25.80. The price has since appreciated substantially and is sitting at $222.81.  I have yet to close my position as I continue to be bullish on Litecoin.  (Or shall I say I am still to HODLING)

Here is some quick and rough calculations for BTC/LTC comparison.  I thought it was interesting but I’ll let you be the judge.

Litecoin By the Numbers

  Bitcoin Litecoin Litecoin has…
# Transactions (last 24hrs) 350,294 163,392 47% the number of Bitcoin Transactions
# Active Addresses (last 24hrs) 827,513 354,135 43% the number of active addresses
Medium Transaction Fee 18 $0.056 Transaction fee is 0.3% of Bitcoin
Reddit Subscribers 609,329 159,417 26% the number of reddit subscribers
Est # of Antminers* 1,138,042 218,490


19% the number of Antminers
Market Cap $219.8 Billion $11.9 Billion 5.4% of Bitcoin’s Market Cap

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** Number of Antminers was estimated using global hashrate divided by hash power of latest antminer machines.  (This gives us an idea of hardware that’s been devoted to secure the network)

In summary, Litecoin currently has significantly cheaper transaction fees, faster transaction time, facilitates 47% the number of Bitcoin daily transaction and has 43% the number of daily addresses.  Using a very quick and crude calculation, I also estimate Litecoin has about 20% of the capital invested in securing Bitcoin network.

BUT only 5.4 of Bitcoin’s valuation based on market cap.


These numbers can be volatile on a day to day basis and not the only factors that should be considered for analyzing coin valuation.  I thought it was interesting enough to share but take it with a grain of salt.  If I have time in the near future, I’ll update the article or do a follow up article with a deeper dive.