Roger Verr may not be oppose to Segwit for it’s malleability fixes or gains in efficiency; but rather because it allows for lightning network.  With Lightning network atomic cross-chain transactions with other crypto currencies is possible.  In layman’s terms, atomic coin swapping essentially makes it possible for a user to pay for a Bitcoin payment with an alt coin such as Litecoin (LTC).  This would indirectly result in Bitcoin sharing some of its network effect with another crypto currency.

Roger Verr’s (Bitcoin Unlimited) alternative of a block size increase though is not compatible with lighting network. With potentially unlimited block size increases, Bitcoin would try to handle all transactions, big and small itself. While both scaling solutions would result in a higher Bitcoin price; Bitcoin’s price could potentially be higher in the long run if Bitcoin handled all transactions by itself due to supply and demand dynamics.

Unlike you and I, it’s more difficult for Roger Verr to diversify his Bitcoin holding without affecting the market given the sheer size of his investments. In addition, he owns and has investments in which are both Bitcoin businesses.  In other words, Roger Verr is likely fully committed invested in Bitcoin.  And more or less Bitcoin only.

Why I Support Segwit

I am vouching for Bitcoin Core’s Segwit as the path forward.  I support Segwit because it does not centralize Bitcoin’s node network, fixes malleability issues, and improves efficiency.  In addition, with lightning network it’s possible to envisions a future where crypto as a whole is decentralized.  A scenario where Bitcoin remains decentralized and where no one single crypto controls the entire cryptosphere.

At the end of the day I don’t think Roger Verr is a villain that he’s sort of become within the Bitcoin community.  It’s just that he “Loves Bitcoin and likes crypto” and “we love crypto and like Bitcoin”.